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2249-C-12 Pomona Electronics Cross INGKE YKRF811-3249-304 RF Cable Assemblies
INGKE YKRF811-3249-304 100% cross 2249-C-12 Pomona ElectronicsPart No.: 2249-C-12 Pomona Electroni..
2249-C-24 Pomona Electronics Cross INGKE YKRF811-3249-609 RF Cable Assemblies
INGKE YKRF811-3249-609 100% cross 2249-C-24 Pomona ElectronicsPart No.: 2249-C-24 Pomona Electroni..
2249-C-36 Pomona Electronics Cross INGKE YKRF811-3249-914 RF Cable Assemblies
INGKE YKRF811-3249-914 100% cross 2249-C-36 Pomona ElectronicsPart No.: 2249-C-36 Pomona Electroni..
2249-C-6 Pomona Electronics Cross INGKE YKRF811-3249-150 RF Cable Assemblies
INGKE YKRF811-3249-150 100% cross 2249-C-6 Pomona ElectronicsPart No.: 2249-C-6 Pomona Electronics..
2249-C-60 Pomona Electronics Cross INGKE YKRF811-3249-1500 RF Cable Assemblies
INGKE YKRF811-3249-1500 100% cross 2249-C-60 Pomona ElectronicsPart No.: 2249-C-60 Pomona Electron..
2249-C-72 Pomona Electronics Cross INGKE YKRF811-3249-1800 RF Cable Assemblies
INGKE YKRF811-3249-1800 100% cross 2249-C-72 Pomona ElectronicsPart No.: 2249-C-72 Pomona Electron..
2249-C-96 Pomona Electronics Cross INGKE YKRF811-3249-2400 RF Cable Assemblies
INGKE YKRF811-3249-2400 100% cross 2249-C-96 Pomona ElectronicsPart No.: 2249-C-96 Pomona Ele..
2249-E-72 Pomona Electronics Cross INGKE YKRF811-2249-1800 RF Cable Assemblies
INGKE YKRF811-2249-1800 100% cross 2249-E-72 Pomona ElectronicsPart No.: 2249-E-72 Pomona Electron..
2249-K-120 Pomona Electronics Cross INGKE YKRF811-3249-3000 RF Cable Assemblies
INGKE YKRF811-3249-3000 100% cross 2249-K-120 Pomona ElectronicsPart No.: 2249-K-120 Pomona Electr..
2249-Y-12 Pomona Electronics Cross INGKE YKRF811-2249-304 RF Cable Assemblies
INGKE YKRF811-2249-304 100% cross 2249-Y-12 Pomona ElectronicsPart No.: 2249-Y-12 Pomona Electroni..
394861 ERNI Electronics Cross INGKE YKP12-P205ASDT M12 Circular Connector
INGKE YKP12-P205ASDT 100% cross 394861 ERNIPart No.: 394861 ERNIINGKE Part No.: YKP12-P205ASDTChin..
5266-C-60 Pomona Electronics Cross INGKE YKRF811-3266-1500 RF Cable Assemblies
INGKE YKRF811-3266-1500 100% cross 5266-C-60 Pomona ElectronicsPart No.: 5266-C-60 Pomona Electron..
5697-12 Pomona Electronics Cross INGKE YKRF811-3697-304 RF Cable Assemblies
INGKE YKRF811-3697-304 100% cross 5697-12 Pomona ElectronicsPart No.: 5697-12 Pomona ElectronicsIN..
5697-120 Pomona Electronics Cross INGKE YKRF811-3697-3000 RF Cable Assemblies
INGKE YKRF811-3697-3000 100% cross 5697-120 Pomona ElectronicsPart No.: 5697-120 Pomona Electronic..
5697-6 Pomona Electronics Cross INGKE YKRF811-3697-152 RF Cable Assemblies
INGKE YKRF811-3697-152 100% cross 5697-6 Pomona ElectronicsPart No.: 5697-6 Pomona ElectronicsINGK..
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